Liz Miller
Welcome Back
I've been away from my artist life for a bit but am surely inching my way back. Family first!
A lot has happened in spite of my lack of presence. I am the East Coast portion of the bi-coastal band-The X-Conditionals with the other 2 time six pack winner- Margaret McClure and of course, our most excellent producer Andy Machin.. Our first effort earned us a nomination in the San Diego music awards. Since then the band has signed with Big West Music and we recently got global distribution!! Yay!We are officially releasing our fist CD in April with our second cd in the works.
I'm now working on a solo effort with Andy on a project that mixes my favorite songs Jazz, Rock and Americana, and calling it Jazzicana!
Working my way back to Nashville with a pocket of new songs to demo and pitch, I have managed to learn a little guitar to play. I hate bar chords!
Working with a new young artist on pop, fleshing out a musical, and outlining a book.
Hey, what's ADD good for if you can't make it work for you?
And it's all good...

It's all good!